A clean home is considered to be the reflection of your personality, hence it becomes imperative to keep your house clean. The use of professional helpers like the home cleaners and expert sofa cleaners are a boon for all those who have a busy lifestyle. Urban Clap eases out all your needs by providing professional help at your door step.

House Cleaning services in Gurgaon 

A homeowner who has decided to make his home shipshape has two options – engage in a family cleaning operation or hire house cleaning services. Given the unqualified benefits of having a professional team of cleaners to execute the rather unsavory task of cleaning the house, more particularly the notoriously hard to clean kitchen areas, bathrooms, and toilets, most homeowners are only too happy to hand over the responsibility. When it comes to commercial cleaning too, the preferred practice is to award a contract to an agency.

House Cleaning services in Gurgaon  is now just a click away. Let go off all your worries of home cleaning and just sit back and relax. Log-on to Urban Clap for all your domestic help needs and get experts at your door step.

Has the last night’s party messed up your sofa completely? Or is it your toddler, who’s the culprit. For whatever reason, it may be, here’s a solution to end all your worries. Log-on to Urban Clap right away and book your home cleaner for sofa cleaning services. Gone are the days when sofa cleaning was a yearly activity during Diwali and was considered a whole day cumbersome activity with lots of foul smell in the house. With the time changing, here’s a simple way out. Urban Clap brings you the most reliable sofa cleaners at your door step to give your sofa the all new look and make your house all the more refreshing. The best part is all this happens at a mere click of a button and at an extremely affordable rate.

Urban Clap promises to get you background checked, extremely professional and trained cleaners. They bring with the professional expertise and equipment for the cleaning. The Sofa Cleaning is a three step process which includes Shampooing and Scrubbing, Vacuum cleaning, removal of dust and stains. This approximately takes 15 minutes per seat. Different cleaning material is used for different sofa types, for example, the cleaning cream for a leather sofa would be different.

Cleaning services in delhi


Cleaning services in Delhi are extremely affordable in lieu of the comfort and service they provide. Besides this you might want to get your carpet, cushions, bathroom, and water tank or probably get your full house cleaned. Considering the busy lifestyles that all of us have, it gets difficult to balance professional work life and domestic work responsibilities. Many people have tried this and are extremely happy with the services period. See your sofa sparkling like never before. Urban Clap guarantees extremely professional and efficient service from the Home Cleaners they send. You will definitely have no complaints.