For maintaining a healthy workplace is an essential part which is often overlooked, which includes properly cleaning of office carpet. There are many companies those provide cleaning services Gurgaon. For majority of the company’s textiles are the preferred type of flooring. This is because they sound absorption, collects soil, and prevents you from slipping. If you don’t indulge into regular cleaning of the office, the soil will be deposited up inside the office carpet fibres which can potentially result into damaging your carpet. And we are sure that you don’t want that to happen.


Tip One: Vacuum your carpet Daily

A good quality vacuum cleaner can reduce the time consumed in the process of cleaning. In majority of the office environment, traditional upright vacuums can’t be used effectively due to large furniture and other impediments. The process of vacuum can further be slowed down due to the clusters of workstation unless your vacuum cleaner is a backpack vacuum. These types of vacuums are light in weight and moreover, easy to use. It is a quick accessed tool that can be worked in a congested environment of offices. You can hire Professional cleaning services in Delhi those are equipped with such equipment’s.

Tip Two: Clean on Regular Basis

Carpets should be regularly cleaned as often as every day. This will keep the carpet away from airborne impurities like pollen, dust, and contamination’s which gets deposited on the carpet from the foot traffic. Other types of contamination’s end up in the carpet are fibre along with dust mites, dander, skin, and hair. Thus, one of the most effective and easy to remove the dry soil from the vacuum is to clean regularly.

Tip Three: Get the right equipment

You can provide a spotting tool for your company’s employees as they can perform a regular spot cleaning for general cleaning. Access to such types of tools would avoid the further need of large equipment for cleaning that are used for a couple of carpet spots. With regular cleaning and spot treatment, the small stains on the carpet will not be accumulated. Therefore, Routine maintenance is the key for maintaining the carpet longevity and also it will look clean.


Tip Four: Use certified products

Always look for the cleaning products those are certified especially when making a sustainable carpet cleaning. It is important to note that just because on a product it is mention that it is green certified, that doesn’t mean that is appropriate for carpet cleaning. It can highly damage your carpet. You should avoid such type of products.

Tip Five: Removing Stains

Get rid of stains can be very challenging is occur in a professional setting like an office. The stains on your office carpet can ruin the entire professional look that should be always upheld. Clients or customers visiting at the office will associate the stain with company’s carelessness and neglect. Therefore, it becomes very important for a company to ensure that the office carpet is clean and spot free all the time. There are different types of stain, those needs to take care of differently. If not cleaned off, it will have immediate effect and can become permanent. You can clean the stain with a warm water.  These all are applied carpet cleaning techniques by experts. It is advisable to then clean the area with water and some detergent as much as possible to ensure that no stain is left lingering. Thereafter, vacuum the area dry so as to enable the spot to easily blend in with the rest of the carpet.