Everyone nowadays prefers excellent services, but, at a certain hygienic level. Hygiene, that is clean, tidy and neat. Without cleanliness neither anyone comes to closer to you nor they want your company in any way.

Deducting this problem Kleanhomz brings best Home Cleaning Services in Delhi like never. The services that we provide are not only about cleaning, but it is about cleansing the environment in which we live.

home cleaning services in delhi

Moreover, a dirty region is not healthy to stay so our motto is to create some dust and pollution free surroundings for everyone.

Our company gives the best Home cleaning services in Delhi. Our members get training before they reach your doorstep. 

We try to satisfy our customers so that they keep us on the top of the list of Home Cleaning Services in Delhi.

Our Home Cleaning Services are: 

  • HOME CLEANING- This service concentrate on the home fully and that includes Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen, Living Area, Balconies, Driveways, Front & Back Yard.

  • It is the best way of cleaning as it covers all the areas of the home and each & every corner.

  • OFFICE CLEANING– It includes cleaning of corners, floors, shelves, chairs, vacuuming and dust proofing of sofas, Dusting and spotting of the sofa, Removal of cobwebs, Cleaning of entry area, Dusting and Vacuuming of all workstations, Complete cleaning of washrooms and Dusting of ceilings and all electrical fixtures.


  • PEST CONTROL– It is used for spraying, pest control so that your house doesn’t get attacked by rats and cockroaches.

  • AFTER PARTY CLEANING– It includes deep cleaning of the area where the party was held. For e.g., if the party was held at the Terrace with the utilization of the guest washroom and the kitchen, then the service would cover these areas only and is priced accordingly.

  • POST CONSTRUCTION/INTERIOR SITE CLEANING– It includes cleaning of an area after renovation or construction. It includes descaling and disinfecting your entire house, including floor scrubbing, bathrooms, kitchen, balconies, glass windows, etc. We also remove- cobwebs, paint marks, carpentry dust, floor stains if any, etc.

  • MOVE IN/OUT CLEANING– We deduct your work of cleaning your home when you move in or you move out. We clean your house in a way that you get a surprising and fresh arrival and when you move out we try to make it memorable for you.

  • GIFT A CLEANING– Imagine your wife and mother doing all the cleaning work of the house on her own without anyone’s help and she opens the door and gets the surprise from our side which would be that now she’s free from this work and can have rest.

It is called our full house cleaning service from KleanHomz. Such special gifts would give your loved ones some time free from the household work.

At first, we take a survey of our customers and then, per their taste and preferences, we take a step forward by analyzing the needs and desires of our customers. We charge the amount per the size of the area. After the cleaning work, we also offer attention to the ignored items such as knobs, handles, switchboards etc.

All our efforts make our company one of the best HOME CLEANING SERVICES.