We all know that clean surroundings are very important to lead a healthy and happy life. In this pollution filled environment, the least that we can do for our health is to at least keep our homes clean to minimal the risk of falling sick, as far as possible. 

Let us first begin by understanding one thing very clearly that a clean home is not a onetime target that we may achieve once and have for keeps, for good. Rather it is continuous, journey and one that needs a conscious effort and contribution of all members of a family. 


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So, let’s start with some useful and simple cleaning tips for your home 

* DO NOT BRING YOUR DIRTY SHOES INSIDE THE HOUSE… it’s a very easy and effective method to keep the dirt and dust from entering our homes. Have a pair of slippers for use inside the home? 

* CLEAN IT UP RIGHT AWAY: It’s like reiteration, what our grandmothers taught us all the time. A STITCH IN TIME SAVES NINE, So, do not procrastinate. Clean any spills or stains right away to achieve best results. If u delay this, the damage may be in terms of a permanent stain and damage. 

* DO A LITTLE BIT EVERY DAY: Don’t expect that you will be able to clean up the entire place in one day and then sleep good for many days to come. It’s always better to do a little bit of cleaning every day. Make it a routine 

* CHANGE THE BED SHEETS ATLEAST ONCE A WEEK: Bed sheets and pillow covers gather a lot of bacteria and dead skin cells from our body as we sleep in every day. These can be very harmful, for our skin and hair if not washed on regular intervals. 

* LET YOUR HOME BREATH: It is very important to let fresh air and sunlight into the rooms every day. Closed doors and shut windows do not allow the stale air to escape and it keeps circulating inside the house. This becomes a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. 

* CLEAN YOUR CLEANING TOOLS REGULARLY: Our cleaning tools like the vacuum cleaner, dish cleaning cloth, mops etc also need a regular cleaning. They are in immediate contact with all the dirt and germs. If we do not clean them carefully we will only be recycling the germs and bacteria back to our living spaces. 

*KITCHEN SINK NEEDS A SPECIAL ATTENTION: We wash our dirty dishes and poultry and fish in our kitchen sinks.  The bacteria from leftover food in dirty dishes and from poultry and fish accumulates on the kitchen sink surface. This must be carefully washed off to prevent our utensils and food from being contaminated. 

Clean surroundings have many health benefits. They help to keep our mind calm and focused. 

Positive energy flows from clean spaces 

This boosts the efficiency and improves the happiness index of the people living in such a space. Medical issues come down drastically if we keep our homes free from germs and unhealthy bacteria. I’m sure that by keeping these few, very simple tips in mind, you all will be able to have a healthy body with a healthy mind.

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