Are you among one of them who is in search for a maid to make your house clean and shine? You have just moved to a new house and not able to find a home cleaning services around? Around the festive season, you’re too much occupied with celebration, planning, and gifts that you have enough time to clean your apartment? or you have a full-time job and in the end of the day you’re just too tired to come home and clean?

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When It All Started?

Shweta, a college going girl was fed up to see the litter and dirt all around the city. Once a day, while she was down with Dengue and had a horrifying experience, she realized the importance of keeping the surrounding clean and fresh. For several days, she was hospitalized and it took her many days to recover from Dengue.

The Time Idea Struck

This struck an idea to Shweta to assist society in getting rid of dirt, dust, and to disinfect the homes where the family lives with older parents, spouse, small kids who crawl the floor or even colleagues who come from various backgrounds at office

She started with conducting a deep research and ensured that whatever she give to society in a form of a method or a system is provided by well- trained,skilful professionals, and in a systematic way. She wanted to provide quality service by ensuring the use of professional equipment’s to deliver cleaning services.

Being a woman, she understood all challenges when it comes to cleanliness. “I’m a cleanliness freak. I don’t want anyone to experience same horrifying experience that I have gone through previously and I want to help people with an aim to keep their surroundings clean by providing them affordable cleaning service”. “This is how- my journey of KleanHomz started in 2011”. She wanted that sparkle and shine of her eyes to reflect in the Homes and Offices of her clients.

Who we are?

KLEAN HOMZ– see the difference” is an independent organization, established in the year 2011. We have taken the cleaning business to a whole new level by educating our clients the concept of company to providing them end-to-end solution of cleaning services in Delhi & Gurgaon from vent cleaning, vacuuming sofas, to scrubbing floor, KleanHomz has always been there.

Our Vision

We are the leading cleaning service provider in New Delhi and Gurgaon region. It’s growing rapidly because of the exclusive concept and is all set to spread its wing to the entire Delhi NCR by March 2017. In the year 2017-18 we have our sights on Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune and Ahmedabad. Shweta started this business from her own savings and some seed capital from her family. The start-up has been bootstrapped and the intent has been to keep it profitable from the first year of its inception and we have been successful in our efforts.

Our Mission

It has been an amazing learning journey, while growing to reach new height every day. We strive to provide quality service and compete before and after customer support.  With time, we have not only made sure that the training been given to the cleaning crew is useful for the maintenance of the house / office, but also learnt to correct our errors by the mistakes we have made and the experiences we have had.

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Our upgraded Services

  • Give your feedback

We have made the process of communication simpler by introducing a unique platform for our clients to post suggestions and feedback’s directly to the management. Moreover, we have entered into the world of software to help us understand you (our client) better to ensure accountability, to offer improved results and transparency in our organization.

  • Gift a Cleaning

At Kleanhomz, we want you and your loved ones to be happy. We have launched unique features – “Gift a Cleaning” service. You can gift this service to your someone special including wife, girlfriend, mother, and they will love you forever for it. Much better than a spa treatment, under this concept we, offer you customize packages starting from Rs. 2000 only! This will save them a lot of hassle and give you quality time to spend together.

We also have assessed the requirements and found a way to ensure that your home is taken care of without stressing yourself every time you want to clean. We offer Membership Program and Annual Maintenance Contract, under which you get the best advantages offered by us.

Amazing how a simple initiative can actually change lives and offer you a healthy environment to live and breathe, isn’t it? So, if you want to hire a cleaning service or know about us in detail we are just a click away @