For how long have you been trying to get rid of ants from your house?  At times dealing with ants can be very annoying. Pesticides used for ants include chemicals which are noxious to human beings and the environment. On the contrary ants are crucial for the environment as they feed on flies, spiders, bed bugs and many more. Hence, it is better to prevent them in accessing your than eliminating them completely.

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The good news is that there are diverse, inexpensive, non-toxic and natural ways to control ants in and around your home. In fact, these ingredients can be found right in your kitchen. So there are some of the methods which you would like to try before your resort to cleaning services in Delhi. These remedies may take some time but will provide you good results.

  • Lemon- In order to make your kitchen and other areas of your home ant-proof. The smell of lemon retains ants and its acidic property mask their scent trails.


  • You can rub the lemon juice on doorway and other areas where ants are getting in.
  • Mix lemon juice in water and pour it in a spray bottle and spray all over the areas
  • You can also peel off the lemon and spread them around outdoor entrances.

Note– use this remedy frequently until the ants get vanished.

  • Cinnamon- It is the most powerful household ingredient which repellent ant from getting in to your house. In a recent study it is published that cinnamon essential oil yields good result in insecticidal activity.


  • You can ground cinnamon sticks and spread the powder in the entry points.
  • You can use cinnamon essential oil to prevent them from coming in to your house. Repeat this process once in a day for good results.

Note- Spray this cinnamon oil in place of ants infestation, do not wipe down all over the places.

  • White Vinegar- It is the most effective ingredient in case of prevention as ants cannot bear the smell. Further, the strong smell blocks their scent trails which make them lose their direction.


  • Mix white vinegar and water in equal proportion and pour the solution in to a spray bottle.
  • You can also add few drops of any essential oil and then spray the solution on window sills and entry points.

Note– you can use this solution to clean windowsills door threshold and surface to prevent them.

  • Soap- soap is toxic to ants and helps rid them from your house. When ants ingested the soap it causes dehydration and ultimately kills them.


  • Dissolve some soap in water and pour that solution in to a spray bottle. It can be sprayed in the entry points of your home.

Note-   Repeat this home remedy daily to attain better results.

While dealing with ants keep in mind that if you are facing major ant problem then there is a possibility that these natural home remedies will not help you. In such case you may require the help cleaning services in Delhi. In big cities like Delhi such services are available at your doorstep. With your own convenience you can hire professionals who will provide you deep cleaning services in Delhi.