Are rodents invading your home or office? Are you desperately searching proven ways to get rid of them? So do you prefer best mouse traps or natural methods to keep them at bay? Okay! May be you are at the end of the rope and looking for the mouse exterminator. So whatever your case is it’s better to take actions immediately. However, rodents are cute little critters, but that does not mean that they can share your home with you. They could cause serious health problems to you and your family via urine. If rodents find your home or office a source of food or shelter and they feel safe then most probably they leave that place ever.

office cleaning services - ways to get rid of rodents

When rodents are found in office floor then they cause numerous problems to the staff. Office is a place where visitors visit and meetings are held, a rodent infestation can create less ideal place for your staff. In the office, rodents can contaminate areas with urine which leads to health risk to the employees. Moreover, they can also cause damage by chewing on cables which can result in network failure or fire risk. In such cases you should take help of office cleaning services because their professional can think like a rodent and can eliminate them forever from your office. Here are simple and easy five methods through which you can keep rodents at bay.

  • Peppermint essential oil– pleasant, refreshing and tangy smell of peppermint essential oil is offensive and overwhelming for rodents. The repellent property of peppermint can be put to good use in order to get rid of them


For this you will need some cotton balls and few drops of peppermint oil. Add 15 to 20 drops of peppermint oil to cotton balls and place them around your home. You can repeat this process every week for better results.

  • Cloves– cloves are the aromatic flower buds of a tree extensively used for cooking and other purpose. But mice find the smell of cloves distasteful and irritating. You can use whole cloves or clove essential oil on cotton balls to use on rodents.


You have to apply in the same way as the peppermint essential oil. But make sure that you don’t have any pets. If you are using cloves then cover those in an old piece of cotton t-shirt instead of cotton balls.

  • Repellents: Defence is the best offence- well there are plenty ways beyond the traditional mouse traps to get rid of them. So there are so many rodent-repelling odorants are available in the store. These Repellents are effective and easy to use.

So these are the simple and inexpensive ways through which you can have a effective result. But these methods don’t work and you are a resident of Gurgaon then you can take the assistance from cleaning services in gurgaon. A professional mice exterminator will know all places rodents like to hide around your home.