What happens in your home when the faucet starts leaking or the toilet starts running? What about when the kitchen pipe drips? Well there are several common plumbing problems that homeowners or renters experience. However no one knowingly walk in to a problem. But somehow some people end up making some generic mistakes that will do more harm than good. Sometimes Plumbing problems can be really be a nuisance. So here are some of the leading reasons of plumbing problems at your home.

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  • The hairy situation- Well human tends to shed a lot of hair naturally which is the biggest contributor of clogs. When people wash themselves or their pets then the hair rinse down and clog pipes. But if you will use sink strainer then this problem could be avoided to a great extent.
  • Flushing garbage disposal down the toilet- this is the most common mistake that people do, they flush down any thing down the toilet. But the main thing is that you are literary abusing the drains by using a toilet as a trash disposal. You have to keep this in mind that flushing non-dissoluble items like wads of paper towel can cause extensive plumbing problems. You can only flushed toilet paper or human waste down there because it is not designed for anything else.
  • Not paying attention to the signs of wear and tear- well people are so busy in their daily lives that they hardly able to take care of things. As we all know that the major problems don’t come up in drains overnight. The sewer system generally gives early warning signs – maybe toilet which drains slowly or a toilet which backs ups when it’s flushed. Further, another problem could be water which seems in unexpected places. Whereas, the problem may not be observable initially, but it could get worse later.
  • Inattentiveness of drain maintenance- well it is understandable that when people face deal multiple things that one needs to take care of, one may end up ignoring tiny things like maintaining the drains. With the passage of time drain begin misbehaving by blocking things instead of letting them go. You can easily save yourself from this problem if you throw all the cooking leftover in the dustbin.
  • Joining two different metals in piping- yes! You heard me right so do-it-yourself beware..! When two dissimilar metals get connected such as steel and copper then the process takes place called galvanic action leads to corrosion. Then corrosion leads to leaks. In this case you should call a professional plumber instead of
  • Water heater- when you wake up in the morning and step in to your bathroom and feel cold water on your body- we know it is the worst feeling ever! Well this is the high time to replace the water heater. Generally, the average life of a water heater is of eight to twelve years. If you spent some bucks in yearly maintenance then the life can be extended.


Here we have collected some of our favorite tips and tricks that will save your plumbing headaches around the house.

  • So, before tackling any plumbing issues turn off the water main.
  • As we all know that plumbing repair and maintenance is a quite messy task so dress to get wet.
  • Toilet clogs is the most common problem in our home. Instead of taking the help of local plumbers you can take care of this job yourself. All you need a plunger; if you don’t have one then it’s high time to take one.
  • But if these methods fail, you can always trust cleaning services in Delhi.



Some plumbing issues are vastly dangerous and complicated to tackle alone.  These are the cases that you need a professional plumber-

  • Water heater problems
  • Sewer line leaks or breaks
  • Installation of tubs, sinks and new pipes
  • New construction which need building permits

To take care of your leaky faucets or any other problem and if you are a resident of Delhi then you can take help of home cleaning Delhi. As they will do the dirty work so you don’t have to!