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When you see rust in your bathroom or kitchen area, does it annoy you? This is a generic problem which most of the homeowners goes through on daily basis! Rust is that corrosive scar, which is enough to make our heart sink. Basically, rust is iron oxide that happens when iron or any compound containing iron is exposed to oxygen over a long period of time. Generally moisture or water triggers the process. Well we have come with the solution which can solve with some simple tips. Removing rust is not a rocket science you just require some ingredients from your kitchen. The longer you leave rust, the more it corrodes so need to take action as soon as possible. If you find any stubborn rust around your home then you can take the aid from cleaning services in Delhi. If you are a resident of Gurgaon then u can make call of cleaning services in Gurgaon. Let’s walk through some tips to remove rust from your house. These simple tips on easy life hacks.

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  • Use white vinegar– it is a great way to remove rust especially when it is formed on metals. Suppose you want to remove rust from screws, soak it in solution of white vinegar. Take a bottle filled with vinegar (you can take apple cider vinegar) and put the screws inside. Put the lid on and shake the bottle, soak the screws for one day. So now your screws are shiny and free of rust.

Note-  if you don’t get desired results, then repeat the process and keep it for a bit longer.

  • Try lemon and salt– if you are not able to remove rust easily then you require elbow grease to do this task. Well head to kitchen and grab some more ingredients that may help. Firstly rub the salt over the rusted portion then squeeze the lemon on to the salt. Now leave it for two to three hours to do its work.Now with the help of rind of the lemon scrub it off.

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  • Head to the bathroom– yes! You heard me right. Head to the bathroom, take spare toothbrush and make the paste of baking soda with water. This is another and effective method to deal with stubborn rust. Paste of soda and water should be thick enough that it should not crumble. Now apply the paste to the rusted part and let it rest for around two hours. Then scrub it off with the aid of toothbrush.


  • Time to roll up your sleeves– if none of the methods is working then it’s time to employ some serious elbow grease. Rust can also be discarded from metal by scrapping it off. When rust covers a large area then it is the easiest way to remove it off. Firstly you need a scraper; the type of scraper depends upon how bad the rust is. If it is thick then grab paint scraper or screwdriver is a good idea.

Rusting is always a bad news; it can cause damage to the objects you love. So if things are becoming out of control then lift up you phone and take the help from home cleaning Delhi. Remember rusting causes huge economic loses every year.